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PTFE/Teflon Skived Sheet China Manufacturer & Supplier


  1. Excellent temperature resistance, use temperature range from -180℃–+260℃
  2. Good chemical resistance and anti-aging
  3. Outstanding flame retardancy, excellent insulation
  4. Extremely low water absorption rate, tightness and low friction coefficient
  5. Self-lubricating and non-sticky
  6. Good wear resistance and no toxicity


  1. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery, valve, medicine, power industry, aviation industry and other fields
  2. Various seals, gaskets, pipe fittings
  3. The reactor is lined with tank lining, storage tank
  4. Apply to electrical insulation materials, supporting sliders and lubricating materials.
Density : 2.1-2.3g/cm3 Tensile strength ≥ 15Mpa Tear elongation ≥ 150% Voltage : 10KV/mm


We could supply as customers’ special requirments.